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Meusburger 2-axle-low-deck-trailer with pendle axles

Meusburger 2-axle-low-deck-trailer with pendle axles, detachable gooseneck, telescopic low deck, hydraulic forced steering, hydraulic suspension Specifications
Total weight approx. 43.000 kg
Payload 80km/h approx. 28.700 kg
Empty load approx. 14.300 kg
telescopiec / extendable approx. 5.550 mm
Gooseneck length approx. 3.625 mm
Vehicle width approx. 2.540 mm
Coupling height approx. 1.150 mm
Loading height approx. 280 mm
Loading length approx. 6.800 mm
Manufacturer Meusburger
Type low deck trailer
Axles 2
Steering Forced steering
  • Meusburger 2-axle-low-deck-trailer with pendle axles
  • Meusburger 2-axle-low-deck-trailer with pendle axles
  • Meusburger 2-axle-low-deck-trailer with pendle axles
  • Meusburger 2-axle-low-deck-trailer with pendle axles

rent- or sales price on demand by contact person:

Ralf Meissner

+49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 13

Lennart Hinz

+ 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 19

Sascha Funke

+ 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 12

Technical drawing

Technische Zeichnung


  • Welded steel frame construction with front and rear offset and even low deck plateau without chamfer.
  • Without chamfered front corners.
  • Low deck with 2 extendable frames, extension length approx. 5.550 mm, locking every 500 mm plus 1x 400 mm (telescopic length 5.400 mm) and 1x 150 mm (completely extended), the last locking only for the transport of containers, because of the overlap of the frames is to low then.
  • Prestress of the low deck approx. 30 mm.
  • Chamfer at the front 300 x 100 mm.
  • Fifth wheel plate with changeable 2"-king pin.
  • Strengthened frame construction.
  • Maximum point load: 30 tons on 5 meters in non-extended condition.
  • Continuous excavator recess above the axle bogie with pluggable sheets (aluminium) at the front and at the rear.
  • Excavator recess with covering.
  • U-beam at the rear.
  • Pluggable mounting rail from the axle bogie to the low deck.


  • Hydraulically detachable and height-adjustable gooseneck.
  • The support of the gooseneck on the truck is powered by 2 hydraulic cylinders. Operation through electro-hydraulic unit.
  • With holder for ramps to enter the low deck.
  • 1 pair of steel ramps (length approx. 1.000 mm) to enter the low deck from the front.
  • Splash guard sheet at the gooseneck.
  • Air connection for compressed air pistol at the gooseneck.


  • BPW-pendle axles, each axle with 12 tons axle load.
  • Hydraulic suspension, total stroke maximum 600 mm (- 107 mm/+ 493 mm).
  • S-cam brake 300/150 mm, asbestos-free brake pads.
  • Automatic brake adjuster.
  • Centre distance: 1.360 mm.
  • Control valve at the axle bogie.
  • Tyres: 245/70 R 17,5 (146/146 F).


  • 1st and 2nd axle with hydraulic forced steering through fifth wheel coupling and steering knuckle axle. Electro-hydraulical remote steering through power unit of the gooseneck with power supply from the truck through NATO-socket (without installation in the truck and without NATO-connection cable).
  • Cable remote control with socket at the front and at the rear and wireless remote control.

Central lubrication system:

  • Central lubrication system with 2 pumps and time switch for all lubrication points at the axles.

Braking system:

  • Two line brakes with EBS.
  • EBS-braking system (WABCO 4S2M).
  • Spring controlled parking brake.
  • Standard air connections.

Electrical equipment:

  • Acoording to motor vehicle law.
  • 24 Volt. 2x 7-pin and 1x 15-pin sockets.
  • 2x 7-chamber-rear-lights LED (Europoint3).
  • 2x additional reversing lights (LED).
  • 1 holder for beacon light at the rear.
  • Side marker lights (LED).
  • 3-pin socket at the rear for overlength lighting.
  • 2 work lights in the operation area of the gooseneck.
  • 2 work lights to illuminate the low deck mounted between the cross beams at the rear of the low deck (LED).
  • Pilot lamp to monitor the ideal driving level.
  • Without connection cables to the truck.


  • 30 mm plywood floor on the gooseneck.
  • 47 mm hardwood floor, approx. 1-2 mm protruding above the frame profile in the low deck.
  • Covering (aluminium) on the gooseneck and steel sheet cover on the axle bogie.


  • Steel granule cleaning, zinc spraying (telescopic beam included).
  • Primer and acryl painting:
    Chassis and hubs in MB 7350 nova grey.
    Outer frame in MB 7350 nova grey.
    Bulkhead (steel sheet tool box) and posts on the gooseneck in MB 7350 nova grey.
  • Drop-sides on the gooseneck anodised.
  • Rims silver.
  • Plastic parts black unpainted.
  • Contour marking in yellow according to EU-regulations.

Additional equipment:

  • Bulkhead = steel sheet tool box with even corners over the whole width, side panels of 25 mm hollow profiles (aluminium) height approx. 600 mm, one-piece, over the complete of the gooseneck till the chamfer, foldable, inner width approx. 2.480 mm.
    Pluggable rear drop-side on the gooseneck with posts.
  • 1 pluggable spare wheel holder with stanchion pockets on the gooseneck (without spare wheel).
  • 4 wheel chokes.
  • Longish license plate carrier at the rear.
  • 2 ECE-plates at the rear.
  • 3 pairs of lashing rings on the gooseneck (4 tons tensile force each), mounted approx. 1.500 mm from the front.
  • 2 pairs of heavy load lashing rings (LPW / 8 tons tensile force each), 1 pair on the chamfer on the gooseneck, 1 pair at the hooking wedge in the anterior low deck.
  • 5 pairs of lashing rings at the inner beams of the low deck (VRBS / 4 tons tensile force each).
  • 6 pairs of heavy load lashing rings at the outer beams of the low deck (LPW / 13,4 tons tensile force each).
  • 1 pair of heavy load lashing rings (LPW / 13,4 tons tensile force) at the spacer in the anterior low deck.
  • 2 pairs of lashing rings (13,4 tons each) mounted at the rear offset.
  • 3 pairs of heavy load lashing rings (LPW / 8 tons tensile force each) at the outer frame of the axle bogie.
  • Foldable = swing-out side extensions in the low deck for a total width of 3.000 mm with wooden planks, without deposit for the wooden planks.
  • 5 pairs of stanchion pockets in the outer frame of the low deck for stanchions 100/50 mm (without stanchions).
  • 3 pairs of stanchion pockets on both sides of the axle bogie at the outer frame for stanchions 100/50 mm (without stanchions).
  • 1 shunting coupling screwed at the rear.
  • 2 pairs of extendable warning plates with 3 marker lights each, at the rear pluggable in stanchion pockets, under the gooseneck on the outside, and pluggable in stanchion pockets at the rear of the gooseneck, steplessly extendable till a loading width of approx. 6.100 mm.
    Additional pluggable (in stanchion pockets) holder for warning plates (1x at the rear of the low deck, 1x at the frame end).
    Warning plates with holder for beacon lights.
  • 3x 80 km/h shields.
  • 1x shield "Anhänger schert aus".
  • Preparations (drill holes) for container lockings, srewable in the low deck to take off 1x 20ft- or 1x 40ft-container (extended low deck).