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Faymonville 3-axle MEGAMAX trailer with swinging half axles

Faymonville 3-axle MEGAMAX trailer with swinging half axles, forced steering, extravator plattform Specifications
Total weight ca. 61.000 kg
Payload 80km/h ca. 42.400 kg
Empty load ca. 18.600 kg
telescopiec / extendable ca. 5.000 mm
Gooseneck length ca. 3.800 mm
Vehicle width ca. 2.750 mm
Coupling height ca. 1.250 mm
Loading height ca. 400 mm
Loading length ca. 8.000 mm
Manufacturer Faymonville
Type low deck trailer
Axles 3
  • Faymonville 3-axle MEGAMAX trailer with swinging half axles
  • Faymonville 3-axle MEGAMAX trailer with swinging half axles
  • Faymonville 3-axle MEGAMAX trailer with swinging half axles

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Olga Dunker

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Ralf Meissner

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Technical drawing

Technische Zeichnung


  • steel frame construction of high elastic steel


  • gooseneck DSR 2,800 mm (technical 34.000kg)
  • detacheable gooseneck and lift / low-function by hydraulic
  • open design at the rear of the gooseneck  
  • for trucks: 6 x 4, 8 x 4 (or 6 x 4 with 1-axle dolly)

Low deck:

  • tank bridge "super low"
  • outside load beams
  • retractable design with mechanical locking


  • chassis with outer frame in closed design
  • continuous-prisma excavator bridge (approx. 1.450x800x530 mm)  
  • checker plate cover

Brake system:

  • WABCO EBS braking system (according to EU rules)

Axles and suspension:

  • SAF half swing axles (tech. 12,000 kg)
  • hydro-mechanically force steering system
  • hydraulic axle packer with lifting and lowering valve


  • 245/70 R 17.5 twin tyres


  • 24-volt system in acc. with EU rules


  • chassis MB 7350 DB (nova gray)
  • silver rims
  • side wall construction (anodized)

Additional equipment:

  • bulkhead, plug-in, 400 mm high
  • spare wheel holder on the front side of the gooseneck
  • wheel chocks with holder
  • on the gooseneck, plug-in aluminum side walls, 400 mm high, with anodized finish
  • on the gooseneck, plug-in aluminum rear wall, 400 mm high, with anodized finish
  • 2 pairs of lashing points at the gooseneck (LC 2500 daN)
  • 2 pairs of recessed lashing rings at the gooseneck (LC 5.000 daN)
  • gooseneck with checker plates
  • working light at the gooseneck 
  • separate air support inkl. air gun
  • 1 pair of lashing rings on the chamfered back of the gooseneck (LC 6000 daN)
  • 1 pair of  lashing rings at the front of the goosenck, in addition to the low deck claws (LC 10.000 daN)
  • lashing rings with spring clips about every 1,500 mm inside of the low deck
  • lashing rings with spring clips about every 1,500 mm at the outside of the low deck (LC 10.000 daN)
  • mechanical bolt-plate clutch from the low deck to the chassis, to replace the loading bed or installation of extension beams. With electric-pneumatic-hydraulic couplings
  • 1 pair of steel ramps with climbing bars and fixing bolts
  • ramp docking for landing ramps in front of the bogie platform to the low deck
  • 4 pairs of hanging lashing rings in the outer frame of the bogie platform (LC 10.000 daN)
  • 1 pair of lashing rings in front of the excavator recess (LC 10.000 daN)
  • 1 pair of lashing rings, at back of the excavator recess (LC 10.000 daN)
  • 5 pairs of side post bags in the outer frame
  • rear with chamfered edges
  • ramp docking for aluminum dock ramps at the rear
  • mud flaps
  • electro-hydraulic power unit for operating the hydraulic processes, except the hydraulic winch
  • electromagnetic self steering operated by remote control, with axle tracking
  • 4 pieces of 7-pin socket for warning signs (2 x front, 2 x rear)
  • 7-pin socket at the rear
  • 1 piece of additional 15-pin socket on the front panel
  • holder for warning light
  • manual and description
  • central lubrication system with 2 pumps, brand BEKAMAX with normal lubricating grease, according to NLGI 2
  • removeable cover for the gooseneck
  • removeable cargo floor, (wood ca. 30 mm)
  • folding extensions, ca. 230 mm per side
  • 4 warning plates about 424 x 423 mm, extendable to 1,000 mm, with LED-illumination 
  • position lamps
  • 2 pairs of screwed container locks for 1 x 20 or 1 x 40 ft. 
  • multi-coupling for hydraulic connections from the gooseneck to the low deck