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Meusburger 2-axle-jumbo-trailer with half swing axle

Meusburger 2-axle-jumbo-trailer with half swing axle Specifications
Total weight ca. 42.000 kg
Payload 80km/h ca. 31.000 kg
Empty load ca. 11.000 kg
telescopiec / extendable ---
Gooseneck length ca. 3.650 mm
Vehicle width ca. 2.550 mm
Coupling height ca. 1.150 mm
Loading height ca. 320 mm
Loading length ca. 7.270 mm
Manufacturer Meusburger
Type jumbo trailer
Axles 2
Steering Forced steering
  • Meusburger 2-axle-jumbo-trailer with half swing axle
  • Meusburger 2-axle-jumbo-trailer with half swing axle
  • Meusburger 2-axle-jumbo-trailer with half swing axle

rent- or sales price on demand by contact person:

Ralf Meissner

00 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 13

Olga Dunker

00 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 -12

Technical drawing

Technische Zeichnung


  • welded steel frame with chamfered frame at front and rear and low deck
  • frame neck + fifth wheel 225 mm
  • low deck designed for point load of 30 tons by 5 m
  • outer frame to the outside with welded closed and rings for lashing
  • 2" king pin
  • mounting rail for aluminum ramps (rear)


  • GIGANT half swing axles (12 to per axle)
  • hydraulic Suspension
  • S-cam brake 300/150 mm
  • automatic brake adjustment
  • ride hight indicator with proximity switch (display 2 green lights on the front end plate on the left and right)


  • first and 2nd axle hydraulically force steered by fifth wheel

Wheels and tires:

  • 9 tyres: 245/70 R 17.5, brand: Continental


  • sheet metal fenders with mud flaps

Brake system:

  • two-line brakes with EBS
  • EBS braking system (WABCO 4S2M)
  • spring controlled parking brake
  • duomatic ports and additional standard connections

Electrical equipment:

  • 24-volt system, according to automotive rules 
  • 15-pin socket
  • 2 pieces of 7-pin sockets
  • 2 pieces of 5-chamber lights
  • LED side marker lights


  • 27 mm hardwood floor is flush with the outer frame and side rails, reinforced with fiberglass bottom coating
  • 12 pairs of lashing rings, weldedat the outer frame
  • 8 pairs of lashing rings (8 tons), 6 pair in the low deck, 1 pair at the end of the increased load bed and the bogie platform 
  • 2 pairs of lashing rings (4 to) on front and rear increased platform
  • storrage with cover in the floor (front left and right)

Front wall:

  • 25 mm aluminum hollow profile pulled up under the roof edge
  • integrated plan jig

Tarpaulin equipment:

  • Side tarpaulin on both sides with welded vertical and horizontal straps (distance 600 mm)
  • clamps made of stainless steel
  • adjustable straps  to 4,000 mm loading width
  • plan extension with snaps and Velcro closure
  • tarpaulin extension in the drive direction: 300 mm
  • tarpaulin extension in height: 750 mm
  • including lugs for loose tarpaulin extension (without extension)
  • 1 pair of vertical tarpaulin bags with length 1.000 mm
  • position in the low deck at forward bend


  • steel portal frame with rear side tarpaulin lockings
  • aluminum double doors (25 mm)
  • both solid doors complete opening, with door stop
  • left and right rear door extendable, 1250 mm

Front corner posts:

  • in roof height, bolted at the front side

Center pillars:

  • 3 pairs of continuously sliding folding columns
  • pillars are displaced by means of trolley over the entire length
  • central pillars in low deck mounted at the rear platform


  • EDSCHA sliding roof (zinc plated) in one direction
  • rear frame cross bar, with swing out function
  • PVC Tarpaulin roof without customs locking
  • roof can be mechan. increased on both sides  (stroke 300 mm)
  • movable roof in the front positions (8 x 50 mm) and rear (8 x 50 mm)
  • tarpaulin extension
  • extendable roof by wind up at the front end wall of each 900 mm


  • chassis and wheel hubs in gray nova (MB 7350)
  • outer frame and columns in Nova gray (MB 7350)
  • front and rear panel in RAL 9006 (silver)
  • tarpaulin RAL 9006 (silver)
  • rims in silver

Additional equipment:

  • spare wheel mount with manual winch on the front wall outside
  • 4 pieces of wheel chocks incl. holder mounted on the front wall
  • elongated license plate holder at the rear
  • 2 pieces of ECE plates
  • 2 pairs of extendable warning plates (front and back removeable with sockets) including position lights to loading width 4,000 mm (detents at 3.000 / 3.400 / 3.700 mm)
  • aluminum ladder and holder (2.500 mm) on the front wall
  • 2 rows of aluminum slats mounted self-locking (plug-in positions: 100/200/300/400/500 / 1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500 mm)
  • night parking plate and ADR panel at the rear
  • central lubrication system with 2 pumps (fat class 2) for all lubrication points of steering, axles and hydraulic suspension