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DOLL "VARIO" S5H-T (5-axle-semi-trailer)

DOLL 5-axle-semi-trailer, double telescopic, forced steering system-hydraulic Specifications
Total weight ca. 74.000 kg
Payload 80km/h ca. 57.100 kg
Empty load ca. 16.900 kg
telescopiec / extendable ca. 13.300mm
Gooseneck length ca. 3.660 mm
Vehicle width ca. 2.550 mm
Coupling height ca. 1.240 mm
Loading height ca. 960 mm
Loading length ca. 9.000 mm
Manufacturer Doll
Type semi trailer
Axles 5
Steering Forced steering
  • DOLL
  • DOLL
  • DOLL

rent- or sales price on demand by contact person:

Ralf Meissner

+49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 13

Lennart Hinz

+49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 19

Sascha Funke

+49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 12

Technical drawing

Technische Zeichnung


  • steel welded construction with external main frame
  • double telescopic central box frame
  • pneumatic locking of telescopic positions


  • 5 x 10.000 kg BPW axles. First axle fixed and liftable, second - fifth axle are self steering
  • air suspension, lifting and lowering mechanism with total about 180 mm.
  • wheels and tyres: 22 tyres (235/75 R 17.5), brand: Pirelli.

Brake system:

  • load-controlled dual-line braking system
  • EBS, ABS
  • brand: WABCO
  • spring controlled parking brake


  • 28 mm hardwood floor


  • 24-volt lights (Hella EasyConn-Hole)
  • 2 pieces of 5-chamber rear lights with integrated triangular reflectors
  • 2 pieces of LED corner marker lights and side marker lights mounted at rear  lights
  • 2 pieces of LED license plate lights
  • 2 pieces of white LED position lights with reflectors
  • LED side marker lights on outer frame and telescopic frame
  • 2 pieces of 7-pin sockets on the bulkhead
  • 15-pin socket on the bulkhead
  • 3-pin socket to the left and right for oversize at the chamfered increased load bed
  • 3-pin sockets at rear on the left and right side for warning plate lights
  • 3-pin socket in the middle of the rear
  • 1-pin socket at the rear for warning light
  • ABS socket on the front wall


  • chassis MB 7350 DB (nova gray)
  • silver rims
  • side wall construction (anodized)

Additional equipment:

  • 2 pairs of swing lashing points (6.400 daN) at the gooseneck
  • 1 pair of lashing points (13,400 daN) at the end of the seat platform
  •  2 pairs of side post bags on the gooseneck
  • 1 pair of lashing points (13,400 daN) in the outer frame of the front platform
  • 1 pair of side post bags in the outer frame of the front platform
  • 6 pairs of lashing points, emdedded in the outer frame of the chassis platform
  • 6 pairs of side post bags embedded in the outer frame of the chassis platform
  • 3 pairs of lashing points (13,400 daN) at the outer frame of the chassis platform
  • 7 pairs of lashing points (6.7 to - 13.4 to) below the outer frame
  • central tube frame with firmly welded middle bridge (300 mm)
  • 1 pair of side post bags, set into the middle bridge
  • 1 pair of lashing points (5 tons) set into the middle bridge
  • 1 pair of lashing points at the rear
  • electro-hydraulic pump unit for additional steering system
  • menu controlled radio control for additional steering system
  • power supplied by 2-pin flex cable
  • manual pump and seperate valve for manual actuation of the steering
  • 1 piece of steel tool box mounted as front wall (chamfered corners)
  • 2 pieces of holder for spare wheels
  • 2 pieces of mechanical prop stands at the rear
  • 4 pieces of wheel chocks
  • screwed holder for landing ramps at the rear
  • side wall construction on the gooseneck (400 mm)
  • 1 pair of working lights in the area of the first axle on both sides
  • 2 pair of telescopic warning plates with LED lights
  • "BEKA-MAX" central lubrication system, double electric pump system
  • 8 pairs of extensions for overall width 3,000 mm, including extension planks