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Maxtrailer 3-axle-tele-platform-trailer MAX210

Maxtrailer 3-axle-tele-platform-trailer MAX210, forced steering Specifications
Total weight approx. 45.000 kg
Payload 80km/h approx. 35.929 kg
Empty load approx. 9.071 kg
telescopiec / extendable approx. 7.500 mm
Gooseneck length
Vehicle width approx. 2.540 mm
Coupling height approx. 1.150 mm
Loading height approx. 1.370 mm
Loading length approx. 13.600 mm
Manufacturer MaxTrailer
Type plateau trailer
Axles 3
Steering Forced steering
  • Maxtrailer 3-axle-tele-platform-trailer MAX210
  • Maxtrailer 3-axle-tele-platform-trailer MAX210
  • Maxtrailer 3-axle-tele-platform-trailer MAX210

rent- or sales price on demand by contact person:

Ralf Meissner

+49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 13

Lara Lorenz

+ 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 21

Lennart Hinz

+ 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 19

Sascha Funke

+ 49 (0) 231 72 08 40 - 12

Technical drawing

Technische Zeichnung

Loading floor:

  • Loading floor in telescopic design with pneumatic locking.
  • 7 pairs of lashing rings, foldable outwards (LC 5.000 daN).
  • 3 pairs of lashing rings, foldable outwards (LC 10.000 daN).
  • Excerpts in the outer frame of the loading floor to hook tightening straps in (LC 2.000 daN).

Landing legs:

  • JOST-landing legs (mechanical) with 2 gears and 24 tons lifting capacity.

Axles and tyres:

  • BPW-axles and suspension, all axles with hydro-mechanical forced steering.
  • With disc brakes.
  • Technical axle load: 9.000 kg.
  • Air suspension with lifting and lowering valve.
  • Tyres: 6x 385/65 R 22,5.

Braking system:

  • Braking system according to EU-regulations with EBS-E (2S2M)

Steel construction:

  • Steel construction of high-strength fine-grained steel.
  • Steel quality:
    **S355J2+N/S355MC (yield strength 355MPa)
    **S690QL/S700MC (yield strength 690MPa).


  • First-class and long-lasting corrosion protection of the standardly shot-blasted welding frame trough a 2 components (2K) zinc dust priming.
  • A high-grade 2 components (2K) topcoat single-colour.
  • Metalized tail part, painted in RAL 9010 (pure white).

Electrical system:

  • Electrical system according to EU-regulations, lighting LED 24 Volt ASPÖCK-NORDIK (ASS3)
  • 1x 15-pin socket and 2x 7-pin sockets.

Additional equipment:

  • At the gooseneck and at the rear holder and sockets for warning plates on the right and on the left.
  • Remote steering from the front and from the rear through cable remote control, with tracking control of the axles.
  • Electro-hydraulic aggregate.
  • 2 wheel chokes with holder at the bulkhead.
  • 2“-king pin.
  • A steel bulkhead (zinc-plated, height approx. 2.200 mm - EN12642-XL).
  • Yellow-red air couplings at the front.
  • Contour marking (white) according to EU regulations on both sides and at the central beam, at the rear in red.
  • European reflective plate (yellow-red) at the rear of the trailer.
  • A dirt trap at the rear of the trailer.
  • Holder for warning light at the rear.
  • Loading floor with coating of hardwood (approx. 30 mm thick).
  • 10 pairs of stanchion pockets (100x50 mm) in the outer frame of the loading area.
  • 1 spare wheel holder under the loading floor on the right side.
  • 6 pairs of pockets for WADER-twist locks in the loading floor (for 1x 20ft, 2x 20ft or 1x 40ft-container), in the telescopic central beam is an additional locking positions for 45ft-container intended.
  • 4 cross rows of stanchion pockets in the loading floor.
  • Ladder on the right side.
  • 1 HDPE-toolbox (1.200 x 500 x 480).
  • 1st axle as lifting axle with control through TEBS E depending on the current axle load and the current loading condition.
  • Central lubrication system BEKAMAX (Pico) with removable protection around the pump.
  • An additional wireless remote control for the remote steering.
  • 4 extendable (approx. 400 mm) warning plates (423x423 mm) with one LED-position-light. On the warning plates a holder/socket for a warning light.
  • Speed labels (80 km/h) on both sides and at the rear.
  • Pressure gauge to evaluate the axle load (load chart included).
  • HRM Metallisation (High Resistance Metallisation) of the outer frame. Complete steel contruction is shot-blasted, afterwards metallisation with ZINACOR 850 (zinc 85% - aluminium 15%).